Why vinyl


Advantages of vinyl fencing

Strong and well designed, our posts are self-supporting and do not require wood inside to support them. Our rails slide over our pre-routed posts for added strength instead of using brackets. Our vinyl fence comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Please see our Warranty section for full details on warranties and policies. Our horse fence is made for horses and livestock, designed to meet the physical demands that livestock often place on fencing. No more painting or replacing your fence or deck due to normal wear and tear! From protecting your children to preserving old-growth forests, vinyl is an environmentally wise choice.

Other benefits

  • Eliminates costly painting or staining efforts for protection or beautification.
  • Because it does not absorb moisture, it does not blister, peel, corrode or rot.
  • Durable all-weather vinyl maintains a fresh look year after year.
  • All vinyl materials contain high amounts of UV-inhibitors and impact modifiers. This will prevent the vinyl from changing color over time.
  • A great DIY system. Easy installation for everyone. The parts simply slide in and lock into place for quick and easy installation.
  • Product available in different heights and widths.

Fence Comparison: Vinyl vs. Wood & Iron

Warranty Lifetime None None
Projected Life Yours Plus! 2-7 Years 5-10 Years
Maintenance Free Yes No No
Fungus & Dry Rot Free Yes No No
Free of Harmful Chemicals (Arsenic, Lead, Creosote) Yes No No
Needs Painting Newer Regularly Regularly
Colour Stable Yes No No
Price Saves Replacement Short Term Solution Costs More


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