Construction of the fence

If you are going to build your vinyl fence yourself, please follow the instructions below:

Measure your enclosure

  • You have to start from the corners of the fence
  • Measure the places where you want to have the gates installed
  • Then measure the individual fields

Drilling holes

  • In the case of good terrain, you can do it with a manual soil drill
  • If the terrain is more difficult, you will need a more powerful hydraulic drill
  • The depth of the hole is at least 60 cm
  • The diameter of the hole is at least 25 cm
  • To maintain accuracy, we recommend drilling a maximum of 5 holes at a time and carrying out the setting of the columns and their concreting - only then continue drilling the holes

Installation of columns

  • Insert the post into the hole
  • Level the column with a spirit level
  • Pour concrete around the post
  • Pour concrete inside the column as well, but no more than 10 cm above the ground
  • Proceed with the next column after measuring the central distance of 240 cm (crossbars are 239.5 cm long)

Stringing of partitions

  • We recommend always threading one upper partition during concreting of individual columns
  • Install the remaining partitions only after the columns have been completely installed and concreted
  • If the size of the enclosure requires it, the partitions must be cut to the required length
  • If the size of the last field of the enclosure is wrong, we recommend measuring it into several fields

Insertion of caps

  • Apply translucent silicone to the inside of the cap
  • Fit the cap

Installation of gate columns, including installation of roxors and their concreting

  • Insert the post into the drilled hole
  • Cover it with concrete from the outside
  • Align the column
  • Install 2 x Roxor rods with a diameter of 12 mm inside the column so that there is a distance of at least 5 cm between them
  • Concrete the inside of the column up to the top of the column
  • Measure the second column and repeat the procedure
  • Let the columns rot for at least 48 hours before installing the gates


Download instructions:

Installation of 2,3,4 rails fence

Návod na inštaláciu ohrady

Installation of the gate and accessories

Návod na inštaláciu brány a príslušenstva


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