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  • 4 times stronger than wood
  • 30-year lifetime warranty
  • It will NEVER rot, peel or crack
  • No sharp edges

A vinyl fence made for your peace of mind. The enclosure is maintenance-free and comes with a lifetime warranty...

The detention of horses is an age-old problem. Keeping horses and livestock safe becomes more important as we get closer together. Whether you are a small hobby breeder or a professional, the challenges associated with safe horse fencing are the same for everyone. And not just a horse fence. The breeding of other animals, including cattle, becomes an issue for human safety as well as animal safety.

The nightmare of wild animals on the highway at night is a vision that each of us wants to avoid at all costs.

Vinyl fences for horses and cattle have largely taken over the role of large animal containment, and for good reason. New fence alternatives look better, work harder and last longer than the wooden and barbed wire fences of the past. The best part is that they don't need to be painted and repaired like old fences. After 20 years of use, vinyl fencing has proven to be the best alternative for keeping animals and people safe.

Our products and services

Vinyl fencing 4x stronger than wooden!

Vinyl fencing 4x stronger than wooden!

Horse enclosures from www.Vinylfence.eu offers the public favorable prices for fencing for horses. This horse fence is strong and easy to install. Our horse fencing comes in a variety of sizes. This pasture fence or ranch fence will last a lifetime! Shop horse fencing below. How much horse fencing do I need? Take a look at our price list of enclosures as well as assembly work or send us a simple hand-drawn drawing and we will immediately send you a non-binding informative offer.

Protecting your property and the animals that live there is a challenging task. Our vinyl horse fences are strong, secure and easy to install.

Although good horse fencing can be expensive, bad horse fencing can be much more expensive. A wood chip fence and barbed wire used to be the only options, but today there are some new alternatives that do a much better job at a fraction of the cost and take a lot less work. Have you noticed that you can't see many new wooden fences?

See the offer of our 2,3,4 rail vinyl horse fencing

Some of our customers successfully use vinyl fence to keep livestock. Yes, it is true that cattle like to push when they are in confined spaces, but in open pastures vinyl fence has been used with good results with some modifications.

Vinyl fence is an insulator by nature, so many of our customers have simply drilled holes in the posts and run electric fence through them and electrified it with a solar powered fence with good results. The only thing to consider here is that stainless steel wire works best to keep it from rusting on the fence posts. Others have used t-posts and run a strand or two of hot wire right into the fence line to keep animals off the fence and it works pretty well and looks great too. It's important to place it close enough to the vinyl fence so animals can't get caught between the fences, but otherwise it's a really simple fix. Instead of having to use the more expensive four bar fences, some of our customers have used this electric fence concept with a double or triple bar fence and saved some money.

Vinylová ohrada

We also offer the possibility that our workers will build the fence for you. This includes complete installation of vinyl fencing, posts, gates and all vinyl fencing accessories, including excavation and concreting associated with fencing installation. All these works are ensured using our technology and material. In the price list you will find the prices of individual actions. The scope will be specified in the non-binding price offer.

We also offer the option of installing the enclosure as a master assembly. By agreement, the customer will secure all the necessary material as well as provide his own workers.


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